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c/d'en Mònec, 17 - 08003 Barcelona

c/d'en Mònec, 17    08003 Barcelona  ·  T. + 34 639 362 721 / +34 651 993 488

08.06.2016 -  21.06.2016  ANNA TARATIEL +

c/ Ferlandina, 47 - 08001 Barcelona

c/Ferlandina,47    08001 Barcelona  ·  T. + 34 639 362 721 / +34 651 993 488

02.04.2016 -  23.04.2016  GREGORI SAAVEDRA AND ENRIQUE BAEZA +

Italian Pavillon. Fira Barcelona

Pavelló Z6, Fira Montjuïc    Barcelona  ·  T. + 34 639 362 721 / +34 651 993 488

This used to be the internal structure that supported one of the prefabricated pavilions designed for the Universal Exposition of 1929, in this case for Italy as the guest country. Once the Exposition was over, the Italian Pavilion was dismantled and the exterior structure was kept to use for future events, mainly because it was a large column-free space of 2,400 sqm with a maximum ceiling height of 14.50 m, and also had a unique architectural design in a privileged location, just opposite the Magic Fountains of Montjuïc featuring a spectacular show of water, lights and music.

Apart from its unparalleled location in the city centre, the Italian Pavilion is also surrounded by numerous historical buildings such as the National Palace, the Alfonso XIII and Victoria Eugenia Palaces, the Mies van der Rohe Pavilion, Las Arenas shopping mall, and the Press Centre for the late 19th century Universal Exposition, the creation of architect Lluís Domènech i Montaner in the Modernist style

01.10.2015 -  04.10.2015  CIS - ART +

Sede del COAM

c/ Hortaleza,63    28004 Madrid  ·  T. + 34 639 362 721 / + 34 651 993 488

24.02.2015 -  01.03.2015  CIS - ART +

Galeria de Cristal - Palacio Cibeles

c/ Montalbán,1    28014 Madrid  ·  T. +34 651 993 488 / +34 639 362 721

The Galería de Cristal is a meeting, reunion and celebration place, a multifunctional space in the service of the city that comes to coverthe old Ruiz de Alarcón passage, before occupied by mail delivery vehicles.

A new space of 2.800 m2 closed by a sofisticated stucture of a glass dome organically, which in a complex process without prior references, rises 30 meters high its transparent lightness (500 tonnes). it's construted with almost 2.000 triangular crystals all differents in between them, formed by 2.966 bars and 1.034 nodes connected one by one.

19.02.2014 -  23.02.2014  CIS - ART + 24.02.2016 -  28.02.2016  CIS - ART +

Studio Spazio Transformer

c/ Sant Pere Més Baix, 32 -principal    08002 Barcelona  ·  T. +34 651 993 488 / +34 639 362 721

It's a showroom of DiastemaDisegno. This is an abandoned warehouse which has been entirely restored and rebuilted for the artist Motiscause, all the materials used for restoraion are recycled. DiastemaDisegno moves within an ethic of sustainability and recycling; an ethic where nothing should be wasted and where the arts and crafts attached to creativity are the tools of daily life to construct beauty around us and consequently a better quality of life.


StudioSpazioTransformer was selected:


BAM, 2011- http://bamconf.org/

48h Open House Barcelona, 2011- http://www.48hopenhousebarcelona.org/

F.A.D., 2012 - http://www.fad.cat/

26.01.2014 -  26.01.2014  COLLECTIVE SHOW +

c/ LLibreteria, 7 pal - 08002 Barcelona

c/ LLibreteria, 7 principal     08002 Barcelona  ·  T. +34 651 993 488 / +34 639 362 721

MX Espai1010 where ancient techniques coexist with new technologies. They put special emphasis on exhibiting artists that create works of a pre-technological character with non-noble 10 is an open spmaterials and ephemeral works, while doing technical or scientific research applied to the visual arts.

Since 1998 Nora Ancarola and Marga Ximenez have been the driving force behind MX.Espai 1010 and in December 1999, MX.Espai 1010 began publishing art books. The main feature of this project is the production of handmade books, where poetry and visual works make up the whole.

MX.Espai 1010, located in the heart of the Gothic quarter of Barcelona between the cardo màximus and the highest point of Mont Tàber.



09.11.2013 -  29.11.2013  ANNA TARATIEL +

Matadero, Madrid (Spain)

Paseo de la Chopera, 14    28045-Madrid  ·  T. + 34 651 993 488 - + 34 639 362 721

Matadero Madrid is a former slaughterhouse, which has been converted to a City Council Arts Centre from 2007.

Since 1920 to 1996 was used like slaughterhouse (“matadero”) and livestock market. The project by Luis Bellido, was structured around a complex of pavilions characterised by functionality, constructive rationality and conceptual simplicity. There is however a historicist element to the architecture, which incorporates Neo-Mudéjar features, such as tiles with abstract

19.09.2013 -  22.09.2013  CIS - ART + 10.09.2015 -  13.09.2015  CIS - ART +

c/ Villarroel, 46 - 08011 Barcelona

c/ Villarroel, 46     08011 Barcelona  ·  T. 639 362 721 - 651 993 488

Renting operated by Forcadell Group

15.05.2013 -  05.06.2013  JUAN PABLO ECHEVERRI +

Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Barcelona

Passatge Méndez Vigo,5    08009 - Barcelona  ·  T. +34 934 875 306

Instituto Italiano de Cultura de Barcelona is a cultural institution from the italian State under the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Founded in 1950, the institute occupies an artistic tower of three floors built in 1889 for the Amat family and its listed in the Catalogue of Architectonic Heritage of the City of Barcelona.

Later, was House of Italians property, a charity created to help our fellow italian citizens in Catalonia, in late last century.

The building is located in the city center, just a few steps from Passeig de Gracia.

In front it has the Instituto de Bachillerato estatal Italiano, Liceo "Edoardo Amaldi", in whose classrooms the institute organizes some of their language courses.

At headquarters, owned by italian State property, are located the Library, the Management Office, offices and five classrooms for the italian language and culture courses.

The institute in 1980 established an autonomous section of historic studies subsequently incorporated into his own seat in 1993.

The main activity of the institue is the promotion and dissemination of the italian language and culture through appropriate courses and cultural events with the collaboraion of the Catalans Institutions.

The Institute keeps contact with Institutions, Entities and Characters from the local cultural world, promoting the implementation of initiatives with cultural and cientifical collaboration.

09.04.2013 -  23.04.2013  MORKY +

Hotel Silken Puerta America

Avd de América, 41    28002- Madrid  ·  T. +34 639 362 721 - + 34 651 993 488

The Hotel Silken Puerta América is a project where combines different ways of seeing the architecture, the design and the art. The façade was designed by the architect Jean Nouvel, the parking was projected by Teresa Sapey, the reception and rooms by John Pawson, the second floor  is provided by Norman Foster and so a total of nineteen personalities from the world of architecture and design.

14.02.2013 -  17.02.2013  CIS - ART +

Casa Sole i Palet

c/ De La Font Vella, 28    082211 Terrassa  ·  T.  +34 93 783 27 11

The Casa Soler i Palet is a listed building of historic interest donated by the politician, historian and writer Josep Soler i Palet to the city.

Nowadays is a public building which along with the spaces dedicated to the Archive and the Museum of Terrassa is in the exhibition room "Art Terrassa", which by the programation of VISUAL ARTS shows the art work of local artists.

19.01.2013 -  25.02.2013  ART ÉS PART +

c/ Aribau, 32 - 08011 Barcelona

c/ Aribau, 32    08011 Barcelona  ·  T. + 34 639 362 721 - + 34 651 993 488













06.10.2012 -  26.10.2012  YANG SHUN +

MUMA Köpenicker Straße 70 - 10179 Berlin-Mitte

MUMA Köpenicker Straße 70     10179 Berlin-Mitte

Located right in the middle of Berlin, the ancient heat and power station is a part of the Berlin industrial history. Nearly simultaneously built to the Berlin wall from 1960 to 1964 it provides heat to the people. Dimitri Hegemann rents the MUMA after it was vacant for many years. Here the legendary techno club TRESOR is located. A group of creative artists form Berlin take care for the further development of the MUMA.
MUMA is an extraordinary location for exhibitons, performances, concerts and other events. Its purpose is to unify Best Practice and Utopia by providing space for all kinds of art, advancing the collaboration between various disciplines and linking creative people virtually as well as physically across the globe

13.09.2012 -  16.09.2012  CIS - ART +

MIBA - c/ de la Ciutat 7- 08002 Barcelona

c/ Ciutat, 7    08002 - Barcelona  ·  T. + 34 933 327 930

MIBA (Museum of Inventions and Ideas of Barcelona). This museum is located in an historic building, completely reformed and it was the old headquarters of PSUC when clandestine and later on its democracy stage.

26.05.2012 -  02.06.2012  BIGERT & BERGSTRÖM +

Convent de Sant Agusti, c/Comerç 36- 08003 Barcelona

c/ Comerç 36    08003-Barcelona  ·  T. +34 932 565 000

Convento de San Agustín, historic building that in s. XIV to XVIII was the convent of friars hermits of San Aguntín and later untill s. XX a military barracks. In 1990, for community uses, a project to restore the building strats. Highlighting the entrance from trade sreet, where the sculpture James Turrel reconverted the hallway leading to the doors of the old barracks on inside cloister into a luminous passage: Douce Coop

17.05.2012 -  29.05.2012  BIGERT & BERGSTRÖM +

c/ Petrixol 4, 2n 1a - 08002 Barcelona

c/ Petrixol 4, 2n 1a    08002 Barcelona  ·  T. +34 639 362 721 +34 651 993 488

A second floor of a nineteenth-century building will be the perfect environment for the show of Elizabeth Salat from 8 to 29 March 2012

Space managed by Group Forcadell


08.03.2012 -  29.03.2012  ELISABET SALAT +

c/ Morales, 21 - 08029 Barcelona

c/ Morales 21    08029 Barcelona  ·  T. +34 639 362 721 +34 651 993 488

This former dance studio will be the perfect environment for the show of Anna Taratiel from november 4th to 25th 2011.

Space managed by Group Forcadell

04.11.2011 -  25.11.2011  ANNA TARATIEL +

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