A different gallery experience
31.05.2016  -  morcky
dettagli dal belvedere

19.05.2016  -  bigert & bergström
the weather war

The Weather War is participating in the Doc en Mai film festival in Bordeaux.
24-29 May, 2016

More information: doc en mai

02.04.2016  -  gregori saavedra and enrique baeza

Thank you for being wiyh us on Saturday!

You can visit us until Friday April 22 at carrer Ferlandina, 47 and ... through Facebook we will inform you of the activities planned for this exhibition.
Friday 8th at 18: 30h: guided visit.

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22.03.2016  -  bigert & bergström
in the wake

In the wake

A group show at the Houston Center for Photography

4 March–8 May, 2016

Water is essential to life on Earth. It has shaped the continents, our bodies, and our cultures. And, water is constantly changing the landscape and our interaction with it—of course, water is not doing this alone. Modern society has greatly impacted the balance of water and the natural course the Earth would have taken without human interaction. Cities flood, temperatures rise, and rivers run dry around the world.

In the Wake explores not only the delicate balance of our impact on water but, also our attempts to remediate our actions and recover what is lost. Through multiple forms of photography, from aerial photographs, to video, to photo sculptures, to LED-generated imagery that responds to participants around the globe, In the Wake presents the various ways in which our relationship to water shifts and the resulting change in our understanding of the human impact on the resource.

Exhibiting Artists:
Daniel Beltrá (Seattle, WA)
Bigert & Bergström (Stockholm, Sweden)
Caleb Cain Marcus (New York, NY)
Leah Dyjak (Austin, TX)
Lori Hepner (Pittsburgh, PA)
Constance Hockaday (Oakland, CA)
Anaïs Tondeur (Paris, France)
Ian van Coller (Bozeman, MT)

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09.03.2016  -  antonio caro

24.02.2016  -  cis - art
Santi Vila vistis ArtMadrid'16

12.02.2016  -  cis - art
Art Madrid'16

We wait for you in Art Madrid'16 Fair  from February 24th to 28th. The follow artis will be present in our stand: Fernando Maselli, Gregori Saavedra, Yang Shun and Yomuto.


11 am to 9 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

11 am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday

08.02.2016  -  yang shun
retrograde poetry

Retrograde Poetry, the first exhibition of Yang Shun during 2016 takes place in Guangzhou (Canton) with the Yuan Kui Gallery. It opened on 9th January and will remain open until 23tr February.
The artist, curated by Kelvin Huang, presents small-format works some of which we will expose in ArtMadrid'16.

04.02.2016  -  fernando maselli
new artist in cis - art

Fernando Maselli (1978, Buenos Aires)

Through my art projects I explore different aspects of formalism, deepening on the concept and aesthetics as essential values. In my latest work I´m especially interested in the relationship between man and unspoiled nature and the role it plays in the conception of ideas such as religiosity or knowledge. The main focus of my research revolves around  the concept of the Sublime, the restrained fear facing the beauty of steep landscapes and the majesty linked to divinity.

 I take my pictures after long expeditionsinto wilderness and spend several days until I find the right moment for taking the photo. I consider the technical factor an important element in my compositions, so I work with large format cameras or elaboratephoto manipulation processes that allow me to build artificial landscapes, based on fragments, cuts, repetitions and overlaps. My aim is to approach various manifestations of natural landscape in an empiricist way, linking them to my own sensory perception and from a neutral view, free from value judgements.

 I face my job as a solo journey into vastness with constant references to classical painting, literature, philosophy and aesthetics. My ultimate intention is to put the viewer in front of a sublime and moving showthat  makes him wonder about consciousness, the universe, beliefs and our own origin.

16.01.2016  -  bigert & bergström
The Freeze

The Freeze is the third in a series of exhibitions in which Bigert & Bergström investigate mankind’s desire to control the climate, the weather and their own living conditions through geo-engineering. Previous exhibitions in the series include The Storm (2012) and The Drought (2013).

The exhibtion documents the artists’ rescue action to preserve the southern peak of Mount Kebnekaise, a glacier that has been continuously melting for several decades, which has now come to threaten its status as Sweden’s highest point

08.01.2016  -  cis - art

You can follw us with Instagram: cisartgallery

21.12.2015  -  cis - art
Merry Christmas

Art can't change the world, but it can changes the people's life

by JR, street artist

17.12.2015  -  yomuto and anna taratiel

Yomuto and Anna Taratiel will be pressent in Drap-Art’15. International Festival of Recycling Art of Catalonia. Just like the last edition, Drap-Art’15 will be developed in eight modalities to show us the possibilities of creative recycling: group exhibitions of art and designer objects made from recyclable materials, interventions in public space, a space for thought and discussion, the traditional art & design market, participative workshops, performances, audiovisuals and environmental cinema

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14.12.2015  -  gregori saavedra
El País

18.11.2014  -  juan pablo echeverri
Iconografías de la desobediencia

23.10.2014  -  bigert & bergström
moments of silence

Bigert & Bergström takes part in the International Documentary Film Festival of Amsterdam with the documentary film " Moments of Silence", November 19th to 30th.

As a meditative memento on the importance of a collective memory, we have compiled a series of these moments into a film. Together these sampled minutes of silence reflect one of few activities that bring people together regardless of religion, race or cultural background.

The archival material outlines a mute history of tragedy and grief, often staged against a backdrop of natural disasters and violent conflict. But the footage is also a reminder of the stoic nature of humans, never accepting the horrors of terror attacks, war or rogue killers.

03.10.2014  -  anna taratiel
Nuevo Estilo & Fernando Tapia

23.09.2014  -  bigert & bergström
Espejismos/ Mirages

22.09.2014  -  juan pablo echeverri
Artist in residence 2014 - 2015

Juan Pablo Echeverri has been selected as artist in residence, during 8 months, in the Fine Art Work Center of Provincetown. Massachussets (USA)

All the best!!

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01.07.2014  -  anna taratiel
Parc Científic de Barcelona - Mural

30.04.2014  -  gregori saavedra
Esquire- April 2014

The Unexpected Objects Collection from Gregori Saavedra be part of Esquire's April number:

Be part of this Esquire's number dedicated to weirdness and share its pages with such amazing and interesting artists like Bob Dylan, Wes Anderson and Danny DeVito is more than flattering, it's a dream come true. The Unexpected Objects collection had always a fabulous response from people, but this amazing coverage and deep report by Rocio Iglesias was absolutely unexpected.

04.03.2013  -  bigert & bergström
Mats Bigert at the desalination Plant from El Prat

Within the project The Draught that we will present next year in Barcelona, Mats Bigert visited Barcelona for some days in February and took pictures at the Desalination Plant from el Prat.

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16.02.2013  -  morky
InsideOut presentation in Madrid

On saturday 16th of february under JUSTMAD, a mexican journalist Christian Obregón presented the new graphic novel of the artist Marco Galmacci (Morcky): InsideOut

JUSTMAD - Just Bloggers
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17.02.2013  -  anna taratiel
Award LIQUITEX 2013

Anna Taratiel has been awarded with the 1st Prime Liquitex 2013, handed by the company that owns the brand, ColArt Ibérica.


This award wants to recognize and support the new emerging values in the current art scene, selecting an artist to exhibit in this edition of JUSTMAD.


The judges were composed by a curating team member of JUSTMAD: Javier Duero, a representative of the company ColArt Ibérica: Marta Tinoco and the artist Eugenio Merino.

15.01.2013  -  morky
You can order INSIDEOUT

‘InsideOut’ tells the adventures of a group of kids lost in a futuristic rusted universe. Their galactic journey appears as a self-discovery voyage set in a dreamlike playground, where the ‘Inside’ imaginary world comes ‘Out’ and takes over reality.


You can order it:


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13.12.2012  -  anna taratiel - jp echeverri
Glassworks Barcelona

Juan Pablo Echeverri and Anna Taratiel have been selected to show their works in the offices GLASSWORKS has in Barcelona, opening December 13th.

If you would like to see this show, you can contact us at Info@cisartlodgers.com  and we’ll arrange and appointment for you.



Glassworks was founded 1996 by Hector Macleod and since then it has be a synonym for high level creative post production. It has offices in London, Amsterdam and Barcelona.

Glassworks Barcelona follows the company’s principle to search and hire the best creative talent on an international level and provide them with the latest technology to work for the local market as well as for other projects within the organization. 

+ info about glassworks
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10.12.2012  -  ANNA TARATIEL
Hoop Doop Magazine 18 - 6th Drawing Issue

Anna Taratiel has been published on the sixth special issue about drawing at the dutch magazine HOOP DOOP.


For more information click on the link:

Hoop Doop Magazine

29.11.2012  -  JP Echeverri

Pop Politics: Activism at 33 Revolutions exhibition raises a claim of specific politics forms produced in Pop music through contemporary art practices. A way of addressing the current cultural production from a specific ideological way through personal empowerment practices, shared spaces, viewer´s emancipated gaze, mass media and an approach and reconnection of diverse information. An exhibition about current art practice on the move.

Curated by: Iván López Munuera

Artists:Assume Vivid Astro Focus,Lorea Alfaro, Gabriel Acevedo Velarde, Bozidar Brazda, William Cordov,a Red Caballo, June Crespo, Discoteca Flaming Star, Jeremy Deller & Nick Abrahams, Juan Pablo Echeverri, Ruth Ewan, Luke Fowler, Till Gerhard, Luis Jacob, Jeleton,Daniel Jacoby, Daniel Johnston, Daniel Llaría, Kalup Linzy, Christian Marclay, Ryan McGinley, Momu & No Es, Dave Muller,Raymond Pettibon, Francesc Ruiz, Mickalene Thomas, Pepo Salazar, Aitor Saraiba, Azucena Vieites,Lyota Yagi and Ícaro Zorbar

CA2M - Centro Arte Dos de Mayo (Madrid) from 30/11/2012 to 21/04/2013

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15.10.2012  -  INSIDEOUT

INSIDEOUT: The imagination becomes a character

Morcky launches his second publication, INSIDEOUT, through a crowdfunding in Verkami where raised more than 5000 Euros.

InsideOut is a graphic novel. A tale of galactic adventures that take place in a rusty futuristic universe which the inner world of the characters (Inside) comes out (Out) and conquer the reality.

This graphic novel combines the artist passion for drawing and video, giving life to his last illustrated characters.

The difference in between this one and his previous monograph 'Day and Night', which was publish in a convencional way, the artist prefers to self-publish this new book on a way where he can manage the entire process since the conception till realization.

The crowdfunding is a good way to promote a project and share it with anyone interested. Since for the public is a great opportunity to get one examplar back home for a more affordable price than in bookstores. Besides to be able to achieve a number of products related to the work.


The book consists of seven chapter which one tells the story about one character, lost in their own exploring travel through galaxies. Initially deattached, the protagonists finally coincide in an empty and timeless dimension where everything seems to come together and merge harmoniously.

The "journey" is the leitmotif of the novel. Is a metaphor of the subjective interpretation of the world through the experience and way which it converts into reality.

The imagination plays a central role in this inside/outside travel (InsideOut) at times taking the form of the characters.

Three kids - one little girl and two boys - they are the protagonists. They act by instinct and tend to fuse their dreams with reality. the journey has a playful, bittersweet flavor and its experienced as an imaginary discovery.

However the explorer is a wise mythical creature in search of the truth. His pragmatic imagination always leads him to the right direction. Another important character is the gentle gigant, a mix of innocent childhood and mature control. He never acts with a hidden motivation and represents the bridge between childrens and adults.

More information


About Morcky

Morcky is an Italian artist who has been living and working in Amsterdam (NL) since 2002. His first involvement in graffiti and street art has evolved in what is now his passion for drawings, on the one hand, and videos, on the other.

Morcky’s illustrations and paintings are mostly a figurative representation of inner experiences that tend to highlight contradictions and paradoxes. His style well expresses such a contrast, since the very detailed images appears sometimes sketchy.

His work has been shown in museums, galleries and art festivals all over the world. Among others, the Museum of Contemporary Art of Den Haag (NL), at Auditorium in Rome and at Scion Gallery in Los Angels (USA). iN 2010, Morcky released his first monograph 'Day and Night': a black and white drawing collection that explores emotional contradictions.

Morcky video work is very diverse in styles an rhythms. The way he uses and combine different techniques define his unique style. Mainly working with 'Hello, Savants!', a collective of creative individuals focused on the development of multidiscuplinary projects, specially animation and video clips. They have worked for artist like Anouk and Roger Sánchez and they've been shown in several festivals as RestFest and OneDotZero.


CIS-ART, Morcky gallery in Spain, making and coordenation of the project and this work internationally.



Sito Mújica Mbl. 654 162 290 sito.mujica@cisArtLodgers.com


Carmina Gaudes Mbl. 651 993 488 carmina.gaudes@cis-art.com
Silvia González Mbl. 639 362 721 silvia.gonzalez@cis-art.com

01.09.2012  -  

What do the successful artist do differently?


- They take decisions about their intellectual property knowing their copyright and exploitation possibilities.

- Understand the rules and roles of art market and carefully select theirs projects and collaborations.

- Present their work and projects in an attractive way and focused on a goal that pursued each occasion.

- They take care if their online presence is current and accessible to not miss any opportunity of a interesting collaboration.


The job of artist has two aspects: the creation and to be able to monetize the creative work through the sales or participation in a project or an assignment.


CIS-ART, in a close collaboration with Nauart, designed a serie of 4 workshops that address the four points mentioned above.


The workshop will take place during autumn 2012 in Nauart.


To register for the full serie or in one of the workshops, please sent an email to info@nauart.es . 

+ info
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28.08.2012  -  BERLINER LISTE 2012
Sep 13 - Sep 16

CIS-ART will participate at the next edition of germany fair of contemporary art BERLINER LISTE.

This fair has place in a building of an old electrical center od Mitte, in the center of Berlin, being this year the 8th edition.

The work of Anna Taratiel will join us to this adventure.

From 13th to 16th of september.

With collaboration of: Arterri transport d'art www.arterri.com

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27.07.2012  -  HAPPY HOLIDAYS
we will back on August 27th

Dear clients and friends!

Before departure for holidays we want to remind you of the main activities that we have carried out during 2011-2012.


- Nov. 2011.Crystalgrams of Anna Taratiel at Morales, 21

- Mar. 2012. Dos A Dos of Elisabet Salat ar Petritxol, 4

- May 2012. The Mouse of Bigert & Bergström at el Convent de Sant Agustí

Fairs and Festivals:

-Apr. 2012. Arts Libris at el Centre d'Art Santa Mònica

- May/Jun. 2012. Participation at el City Screen with the video-installations of Bigert & Bergström:

                  The Mouse -> Convent de Sant Agustí

                  Antechamber -> MIBA, Museo de los Inventos de Barcelona

Porjects and Conferences:

- Apr. 2012. Art és PArt (Project Management and Fundraising)

400 students from 3 to 18 years old, guided by Anna Taratiel made a collective wall of 43 per 2,5 meters amongst other activities.

The participating institutions were: La Nova Electra and el Institut Investigador Blanchart.


- May. 2012. Participation at the seminar: "Sobre el cambio de paradigma contemporáneo" organized by the Escola Superior de Disseny i Art La Llotja. Conference titled: "Art-disseney-artesania versus marketing"


And for next?

Our next projects are:

- Sep. 2012. Participation at the fair of contemporary art Berliner Liste.

- Oct. 2012. Exhibition of Yang Shun

- Sep-Nov. 2012. Artist S.L. 4 workshops for artists of any field on:

    - Intelectual propriety, copyrights and creative commons. Jose A. Santos

    - Art market. CIS-ART

    - Present and promote the art. Sito Mújica

    - Have presence at internet for less money. Javier Granados

- Publishing project INSIDEOUT of Marco Galmacci


Thank you very much for everyone for making it possible,

see you soon!

Seminar: Awareness of social change in design

The changes taking place in recent decades (latest first twentieth and twenty-first century) in the field of art, design and craft, subjects related to the production of objects for use and representation of material and visual culture, are some of the implications of paradigm shift that has place at western posindustrial society. This lecture pretends to address this subject from the theorical and practical aspects in order to provide tools and examples to our students to be able to reflect and debate about the state of affairs.


Planning and coordination: Nora Ancarola and Carme Ortiz

Barcelona since 3 to 11 of may of 2012

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16.04.2012  -  CIS-ART PRINT
ART LIBRIS 20th to 23rd April

With the name CIS-ART Print, we iniciate a new project related with the book author. We opened this line with the participation at the artists books barcelona fair: ART LIBRIS.

The followed artists have specially created works for this occasion: Anna Taratiel, Elisabet Salat, Sensible, Yang Shun, Montse Suñé, A.G.Llacer

There will also be a work of Bigert & Bergström and Sito Mújica and Paco and Manolo.


We wait for you to celebrate a different Sant Jordi!

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13.04.2012  -  CIS-ART - Art és PArt
ONE artist, TWO schools... from TERRASSA

CIS-ART collaborates at Art és PArt, a project awared by Patronato Municipal de Educación (PAME) of Terrassa as the best educative initiative project 2011-2012.

This project is about an artist of any area to one or more schools from Terrassa in order to inspire and boost a collective activity in their creation field.

In hers first edition the artist Anna Taratiel works with Escuela LA NOVA ELECTRA and INSTITUT TECHNOLÒGIC BLANXART to create a mural of 42 meters wide and 2,5 meters high with 300 students from the school and around 100 of the Institute.

Additionally the artist will make a frieze in the school hall which will be heritage of it.

This initiative was possiblie thanks to the collaboration of: Ajuntament de Terrassa, El Periodico de Catalunya, Construccions Baldò,s.a., Rulo Pluma, s.a., Autocares Villegas.


Blog La Nova Electra School

Matter of discipline cured by Alex Brahim

Anna Taraiel will participate a 9th edition cycle interferences: "Cuestión de Disciplina" curated by Alez Brahim. This edition is focus on the concept of discipline seen from double meanings: first as a methodology to achieve specific objectives and then as different techniques and media use for the artistics products formalization.

The cycle consists in three exercises: ORACLE, SANCTUARY and CON / DIS gregation.

For more information consult the web:

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19.12.2011  -  CIS-ART
Merry Christmas

We wish you a merry Christmas

Silvia & Carmina

25.11.2011  -  CRISTALOGRAMES
End of the exhibition

The period of CRYSTALOGRAMS exhibition of the artist Anna Taratiel located on calle Morales 21 is now finished. We would like to thank you for your enthusiasm and support, and communicate that from now on any interested in any work of this exhibition can contact us through our website:




The next exhibition is planned for mach of 2012, with the artist Elisabet Salat.

We will keep you updated,



Silvia and Carmina


Mujheroes is an international traveling collective exhibition held anually in Barcelona in 25th of november (international day against gender violence), which brings together art works of women artists that work in different areas and techniques, around the wide female universe.


For further information consult the web:

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31.10.2011  -  ANNA TARATIEL- Interview
Interviewed by Mariona Tomas in

Anna Taratiel be interviewed by Mariona Tomàss on Wednesday 2nd November  in the magazine "el submarí" at 10:30 pm

03.10.2011  -  ANNA TARATIEL - New Bibliography

September, 2011. The journalist Mario Suárez publishes the book “Los nombres esenciales del arte urbano y el graffiti español" (Ed. Lunwerg) ("The essencial names of Spanish urban art and graffiti"). This book is an introduction to urban art of the las 30 years with a commented selection of works by the most representative graffiti artists in Spain. One of the selected artists is Anna Taratiel, aka ovni.












More info

21.07.2011  -  Elisabet Salat
Lepidop 3 16/07/2011 to 03/09/2011

Lepidop 3 collective exhibition of three bands at Sala Issimm de Solsona: Elisabet Salat (painter), Cris Gimenez (jewerly author) and Eva Soto (textiles and clothing).

Elisabet Salat present us her pictorial work from the fragments, of the conjuction of the parts that form a whole. Oriental papers translucent stain color, just like flowers, the butterflies flies in energetic strokes that remind us this back and forth migration.

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11.07.2011  -  Anna Taratiel in COMMA - art city project
Perugia 20th June to 30th July 2011

A group of fifteen international artists, Anna Taratiel aka Ovni among them, participate in the project COMMA ART CITY in Perugia. The works of the artists have been hosted by the Palazzo della Penna and the Gallery Miomao.
Anna Taratiel has created an installation using 500 meters of cable to experiment with organic forms.


27.06.2011  -  Elisabet Sallat collaborates with the interior designer Josep Mª Roma
The artist´s footprint

The interiorist Josep Mª Roma, known for his historically respectful restorations in the old town of Manresa, asked Elisabet Salat to colaborate in a creative project in the Podology Center of Anna Gratacos.

Elisabet’s footprint is literally to be found everywhere in the center. The artist used her own feet to create the original work. These paintings were then enlarged with a technique that allows to preserve the texture that’s so relevant in her work.

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21.05.2011  -  Bigert & Bergtröm - Tomorrows Weather, Stockholm Central
Public art project

Bigert & Bergström have been commissioned to make a large-scale public art project for the Central Station in Stockholm. Inspired by the contemporary obsession of making accurate predictions of the future in order to control it.
The project will be realized in late 2011. In collaboration with The National Public Art Council Sweden and Jernhusen


10.05.2011  -  Anna Taratiel participates with ®Nova in Rio de Janeiro
Installation at Parc Lage

Curated by David Quílez, Anna Taratiel constructs an outdoor installation at Parc Lage in Rio de Janeiro. During 6 weeks the Visual Art School and the Fundação Casa França-Brasil hosts and presents the work of 130 musics and visual artists from around the world. 

Watch video

01.01.2011  -  Bigert & Bergtröm - show The Last Supper in Taiwan
Video installation

The video installation The last supper is shown in the Hong-Gah Museom

Eattopia Taiwan - 2010 (october 2010 - january 2011)

18.09.2010  -  Anna Taratiel - Pattern´s series

In September 2010 at the Scion Space,Los Angeles, Anna Taratiel presents Patterns serie. In the exhibition was involved seven artists more: Torfu Chin, Yago Hortal Gustavo Gagliardo, Rebecca Ward, sōsaku, Miyazaki, MOMO, Koen Delaere


If you are interested in receiving information about cis - art, fill the following details and you will receive all our activities in your inbox:

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