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08.06.2016 - 21.06.2016
anna taratiel

Opening: Wednesday June 8th at 19h

Dates: 8 to 21 June 2016

Monday to Friday from 12:00 to 20:00h, other times by appointment.

Where?   c/d'en Mònec, 17 - 08003 Barcelona

text: Javier Abarca

02.04.2016 - 23.04.2016
gregori saavedra and enrique baeza

Artists:Enrique Baeza and Gregori Saavedra, with the special participation of Luis Camnitzer and Eduard Escoffet.

Opening: Saturday April 2 at 17: 30h

Dates: 4 to 22 April 2016

Monday to Friday from 16:30 to 19:30, other times by appointment.


































Where?   c/ Ferlandina, 47 - 08001 Barcelona

Time Out

24.02.2016 - 28.02.2016
cis - art
Art Madrid'16

We wait for you in Art Madrid'16 Fair  from February 24th to 28th. The follow artis will be present in our stand: Fernando Maselli, Gregori Saavedra, Yang Shun and Yomuto.


11 am to 9 pm on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday

11 am to 10pm on Friday and Saturday

Where?   Galeria de Cristal - Palacio Cibeles

01.10.2015 - 04.10.2015
cis - art
SWAB Barcelona, International Art Fair

We participated for the first time in Swab Barcelona (8th edition), to be held from 1 to 4 October at the Italian Pavilion (Z.6), Fira Barcelona.


Thursday 1 Oct: 18 to 21h. ONLY PROFESSIONALS

Friday 2 Oct : 16 to 21h

Saturday 3 Oct: 12 a 21h

Sunday 4 Oct: 12 a 20h

You will find us in the stand No. 7 and the follow the artists will be present:

Juan Pablo Echeverri

Anna Taratiel

YOMUTO Atelier

Where?   Italian Pavillon. Fira Barcelona

10.09.2015 - 13.09.2015
cis - art
SUMMA Contemporary Art Fair

We wait for you in SUMMA Art Fair ( El Matadero- Madrid) from September 10th to 13th. The follow artis will be present in our stand:

Antonio Caro


Gregori Saavedra

Anna Taratiel

You find us at the stand 11.

Where?   Matadero, Madrid (Spain)

24.02.2015 - 01.03.2015
cis - art

Where?   Sede del COAM

19.02.2014 - 23.02.2014
cis - art
Art Madrid'14

From 19th to 23rd of february you can find us at the ONE PROJECT section at the Art Madrid fair, with a project of the artist Anna Taratiel.


The ONE PROJECT section is curated by Carlos Delgado Mayordomo and Javier Rubio Nomblot.


In Delgado Mayordomo words: One Project neither from the generational point of view (artists born in the 60's, 70's and 80's) or from the formal point of view is seeking to provide absolute values. All the artists are united by a high visual sense and by the desire to deconstruct methods of traditional compression of the reality. They do so from two prespectives: working with the idea of leftover, waste (Laura Ramis, Anna Taratiel, Ruben Fuentes y Manuel Barbero) from the creation of alternative imaginaries to the reality (José Luis Serzo, Yolanda Tabanera, Javier Ayarza y Curra Rueda). We think the whole set provide this interpretation but the specator can see that the eight projects are interrelated with the entire wealth of nuances.

Wednesday 19: 12 to 21h

Thursday 20: 11 to 21h

Friday 21: 11 to 21h

Saturday 22: 11 to 22h

Sunday 23: 11 to 20h

Where?   Galeria de Cristal - Palacio Cibeles

ArtSlant- ARCO Madrid special edition

26.01.2014 - 26.01.2014
collective show
Just a Perfect Day Show

When? Sunday 26th January

From 17:30 to 20:30h

Confirm attendance: francesca@diastema.org

Where?   Studio Spazio Transformer

09.11.2013 - 29.11.2013
anna taratiel

The drawings are compositions of woven with ribbons, paper cuts, planes leftovers, shadows of colors and emptiness. The artist recognize in each collage the strengthof a small arquitecture capable of growing and transforming by the gesture, may sometimes be a shape and later on be nothing. On this exhibition Anna Taratiel presents small sized works that came from a laborious process of transformation and reuse the primal image. Each frame is a figure that summons the abstration poetic and freely transits to the tridimensional, lively and infinite.

Pilar Bonet 

When? From 9 to 29 November

Monday to Friday from 16:30 to 20pm, other times by appointment.


Opening: Saturday, November 9 at 12 am

Where?   c/ LLibreteria, 7 pal - 08002 Barcelona

available works:

19.09.2013 - 22.09.2013
cis - art
SUMMA Contemporary Art Fair

We wait for you in SUMMA Art Fair ( El Matadero- Madrid) at the stand 16.

From September 19th   to 22nd

Thursday 19: 15 to 21h

Friday 20: 13 to 21h

Saturday 21: 12 to 21h

Sunday 22: 11 to 20h

Where?   Matadero, Madrid (Spain)

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15.05.2013 - 05.06.2013
juan pablo echeverri
Todo x el pelo

More than one decade of creative obsession and almost more than onde decade holding the same vision: TODO X EL PELO, name of the first individual photographic exhibition of the colombian artist Juan Pablo Echeverri in Barcelona.

Contextualizing the permanent research of the author about the visual identidy of the individuals, the exhibition includes works that are related to the hair and its social, stylistics or emotional implications. Beyond the cosmetic, the hair, its mutations or lack of it, are revealed as its cultural artifact condition.

Alex Brahim

Independent Curator


From monday to friday from 16:30 to 20h, the rest os schedules by appointment.

Where?   c/ Villarroel, 46 - 08011 Barcelona

09.04.2013 - 23.04.2013

On tuesday 9th of april there will be a presentation in Barcelona of the new graphic novel InsideOut, from the italian artist Marco Galmacci.

The presentation will be conduced by the sociologist and blogger Nicola Mariani and Marco Galmacci, the journalist Christian Obregón, Adrià Sala de Verkami and CIS-ART will participate on it.


Presentation: 9th of april at 19h

Exhibition: tuesday to friday from 9 to 14h and tuesday to thursday from 16:30 to 19h


Where?   Istituto Italiano di Cultura di Barcelona

JUST MAD - Just Bloggers
Nicola Mariani - Arte y Sociedad

14.02.2013 - 17.02.2013
cis - art

CIS-ART participate in the fourth edition of the emerging contemporary art fair, JUSTMAD4. The fair takes place in the parking of  Hotel Silken Puerta America in Madrid, on 14 to 17 February 2013.

Stand 44

We present art work from Anna Taratiel and Juan Pablo Echeverri.

Where?   Hotel Silken Puerta America

19.01.2013 - 25.02.2013
Art és PArt
with ANNA TARATIEL collaboration

Art és PArt is a artistic-educational which consists on a joint work of an artist and one or more educational centers, with the aim of making the educational community to live an experience where the art and creation are the way to develop a common project, where the indivudual skills works in service fo a final result.

The first experience of this project takes place during 2011 - 2012, with the collaboration of two schools and the artist from Terrassa: the school La Nueva Electra and the Instituto Investigador Blanxart and the artist: Anna Taratiel.


The project consists in the creation of a mural painting made by 400 students with ages in between 3 and 6 years old, under the tutelage of Anna Taratiel.


From 18 basic shapes and 5 colors suggested by the artist, each student have designed on a 50x50cm paper part of the wall, which later each painted the wall.


Not only the students who finally painted the wall, but their parents and other people connected to these educational centers collaborated in this project with task such as preparing the templates and the base of the wall paint color, etc.


The support of the enterprise and the private initiative were the key for the success of the project.


From monday to friday from 8:30 to 14h and 16 to 20:30h

saturdays from 11 to 14h and 18 to 21h

Where?   Casa Sole i Palet

Alex Brahim
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06.10.2012 - 26.10.2012
yang shun

Several series that includes painting over canvas, painting and drawing over paper, as a new work in video and a site-specific installation compose [ ] SENCIA, first individual exhibition of the chinese artist living in Barcelona Yang Shun here, her city.


Incorporating chronological elements and conceptual alternations the sample, first works as a metaphorfor the journey of the process that the author has been developing in the last years, and then as an ocasion to highlight the representaion ghosts that inhabiting the imagery of the contemporary in relation to the pictorial.

Alex Brahim



Mo-Fri 16.30h - 20.00. Sat. 11.00 -  14.00h, rest by appoinment.




Where?   c/ Aribau, 32 - 08011 Barcelona

OUHUA NEWS- 13 octubre 2012

13.09.2012 - 16.09.2012
cis - art

CIS-ART will participate at the next edition of gemany fair of contemporary art BERLINER LISTE.

This fair it's on a building at the old electrical center of Mitte, Berlin city center, beinh this year the 8th edition.

Anna Taratiel works will join us to this adventure.


From 13th to 16th of september

Where?   MUMA Köpenicker Straße 70 - 10179 Berlin-Mitte

26.05.2012 - 02.06.2012
bigert & bergström
Antechamber, HD, 3 min. 2001

Antechamber, displayed on a video loop shows how an everyday action such as opening a door can generate a kafkian situation that parts from absurdity and triggers a certain anxiety.

Mondays closed
Weekdays from 10 am to 7 pm
Saturdays from 10 am to 8 pm
Sundays and holidays from 10 am to 2 pm

Where?   MIBA - c/ de la Ciutat 7- 08002 Barcelona

Marti Manem Text

17.05.2012 - 29.05.2012
bigert & bergström
The Mouse, HD 27 min. 2012

The Mouse is an art/documentary film that deals with the complex and contradictory relationship of mice and mankind. This relationship started around 10.000 years ago, when humans became resident and the mouse saw its chance to steal food and warmth from us.
Today, the mouse has a broad and important impact on our everyday life.
Without the mouse, religion would be paltry, horror bleak, and our knowledge about genetics and space science scarce. But above all, our lives would be a lot shorter and less healthy.

The film was shot between 2009 and 2011 in Sweden, England, USA, India, China and Taiwan.

Mo to Fri 16:30 - 20h. Sat 11 - 14h. 

Where?   Convent de Sant Agusti, c/Comerç 36- 08003 Barcelona

Marti Manem text

08.03.2012 - 29.03.2012
elisabet salat

The project DOS A DOS is about steps, paths, routes, points of departure and points of arrival. About palindromic trips and in general about the movement in life and the disconfort and desire to re-gain one's equilibrium that inevitably will be unstable in the end. 

Elisabet Salat articulates her project in a singular space that has remained almost untouched through time and has maintained its primitive characteristics of the time it was conceived.

A space divided into 15 rooms that little by little reveal the route that the artist proposes.


Mo-Fri 16.30h - 20.00. Sat. 11.00 - 14.00, rest by appoinment.

Where?   c/ Petrixol 4, 2n 1a - 08002 Barcelona

La Ruta Natural - Carme Ortiz
CHANTAL MAILLARD: Vídeo Poesía de Gianfranco Spada para Editorial Pre-Textos - 2011

04.11.2011 - 25.11.2011
anna taratiel

As in a film story where the camera moves down hill over a city, laceting their crystal structures to submergise in a geological microcosm, the paintings and drawings that Anna Taratiel presents maintain an aerial view point that confuse us with a simultaneous urban and mineral appearance. In the purest reflection of geometry, her canvas and collages search for an organic growing of the forms, capable to expand without overflowing their own abstract fields. It's not about spontaneous gestures, they're organized constructions wary to the cognitive reality. A visual grammar that reveals us after the serial tittle of CRYTALGRAMS – Pilar Bonet

Mo-Fri 16.30h - 20.00. Sat. 11.00 -  14.00, rest by appoinment.

Where?   c/ Morales, 21 - 08029 Barcelona

Cristalogramas - Pilar Bonet (Spanish)
Pictures. Cristalogramas. The exhibition
Pictures. Cristalogramas. The opening and other visitors
Pictures. Cristalogramas. The making of

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