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Motiscause (Michelle Rossi)
1966 Pisa, Italy
Lives and works in Barcelona.

1983 Master of Arts, Institute A.Passaglia, Lucca. Italy
Artistic Lyceum 1985 Diploma Russoli, Lucca. Italy
1989 Degree in Audiovisual Communication IED Milan
1989 apprentice in the workshop of Maestro Bruno Munari, Milano
1990 Specialization in artistic drawing. Accademia di Brera. Milano
1993 Specialization in architecture from the University of Florence
1994 - 1996 Diploma of Fine Arts Academy in Florence
2000 Specialization in jewelry with Master Antonio Gennai, Pisa

Exhibitions and art
2015 Sintesi90  and Sons of paper. Museo del Diseny. Barcelona
          Tallers Oberts. FAD, Barcelona
2014 Design and scenery "Shell" for the company Projecte NISU. Festival Grec. Barcelona
2009 Collaboration in Cultural Sense, museology advisory and exhibitions. Barcelona
2006 Colaboration in "Zub records" advice scenery. Barcelona
2004 This is not love. (Painting) Spazio10watt. Milano
        Qboid / Normaloid / Motiscause. Sound and lighting installation. Pisa
2003 Gocce (installation). Studio Polvere. Massaciuccoli
        Sound installation at Palazzo Pfanner.
2002 Panne e aqua. San Bernardo Church. Pisa
        Participation in the TOH festival with sculptures. Pisa
2001 Vulvore. Installation at the Royal Victoria Hotel. Pisa
2000  Iron and marble sculpture Pal Ala. Pisa

Professional partnerships
2014 - 2013 Member of the jury in the workshops of the Foundation Enric Miralles. Barcelona
2012 – actually. Foundation and management of Motiscause Studio. Barcelona
2011 Collaboration MamboQueen. Ibiza
        Collaboration with architect Alessandro Massari. Barcelona
2010 - 2009 Consulting and technical interventions on the "Palau Mormau". Barcelona
2007 - 2006 Collaboration with architect Enric Ruiz-Geli for the experimental project "Villa Nurbs".
2007 - 2006 Restoration Spazio Transformer. Barcelona
2000 - 1995 Art direction and management of jewelry study: Ayn Soph Verne, in collaboration with Susana Baldacci. Pisa

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